Easton FMJ Full Metal Jacket Crossbow 22″ (6 stuks)
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Easton FMJ Full Metal Jacket Crossbow 22″ (6 stuks)

Easton Full Metal Jacket Crossbow 22″ 6 stuks

Easy target pull

High-strength carbon core with 7075 alloy metal jacket

Guaranteed straightness: ±.003″

Weight tolerance: ±2 grains

HIT (Hidden Insert Technology)

Delivers more accuracy than any other broadhead insert.

Provides full contact between broadhead shank and shaft wall for added strength and tighter groups.

Uses ultra-small diameter arrow shafts to deliver more kinetic energy and penetration power.

Features easy, precise installation.

Patent-pending insert system.

Patent-pending slim diameter for increased penetration and less wind drift.

Thicker shaft wall for increased durability and more kinetic energy down range.

Micro smooth finish for reduced wear on the arrow rest, quiet draw & release, and easier target removal.

Easy Out

Alloy surface provides easy removal from tough, high-density target materials.

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